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Behind Infinica is an international team of around 30 people who work every day with full commitment and verve to revolutionize customer communication management! 

But who exactly are these people and how do they contribute to the company's success? 

To answer these questions, we would like to give you some insights behind the scenes. Let's start with Michaela Klocke, who recently joined our team as Marketing Manager;

What are the tasks behind the title Marketing? 

As a marketing manager, I am basically involved in all topics that have to do with the external impact of Infinica.

Two major areas are in the foreground; the progressive marketing automation as well as the image and PR work.

Of course, I also get involved in other areas, as marketing is basically very versatile and overlapping topics. 


What did you do before your time at Infinica and which stations in your professional life were the most striking? 

Originally, I studied textile business administration in Germany with a focus on marketing and trade. Afterwards I worked in the fashion industry and got to know marketing in detail in addition to sales.

These experiences have proven to be very instructive to this day, as sales and marketing must work closely together in order to be successful in the long term. The better you know both sides, the more successfully you can support sales with the right marketing measures. 



Why did you want to be part of the Infinica team? 

The most important thing was certainly the great team and that I noticed from the beginning that the chemistry was right. Basically, however, I was very attracted to switch to the IT industry, because a lot is happening here and IT innovations are increasingly shaping all of our lives. What particularly excited me about Infinica was its strong focus on customer satisfaction.

On the one hand, the appreciative treatment of customers and on the other hand, the great enthusiasm and motivation for the product and its constant technological development. What gives me great pleasure is to apply my knowledge, to contribute new ideas and to realize projects. Thus, many exciting topics, great events and great projects are still waiting for me to push the marketing further. 



How do you spend your free time? 

To compensate for the eight-hour sitting, I put in a contrast program in my free time and like to go running. There is simply nothing better to clear your head and enjoy nature.

Especially since it is also good for the figure, since in the office there are bowls with sweets everywhere and I can not resist! 😊

And as a former ballet dancer, I still have a passion for sports and extensive stretching and gymnastic exercises. So there is always some movement every day... 


 We are happy to introduce you to other colleagues of our super Infinica team and give you insights behind the scenes...