strich 1 

Finally the time had come! 

After normal team events – like so many other things – have fallen victim to the pandemic in recent months and years, it was finally time again: the whole team came together to spend two days together.

Accordingly, there was a lot to tell, after all, even some of the employees actually saw each other in person for the first time. WorkshopDenThe employee event kicked off with several  department-specific workshops that focused on  improving and further developing internal  processes. In the team, solutions and  suggestions  for improvement were collected,  which will help us to work together even better in  the future.

After a well-deserved refreshment at lunchtime,  the groups presented the results of the respective  workshops and discussed open questions in the  large round. 

In the afternoon, the anticipation of the upcoming  trip to Lake Neusiedl already grew noticeably and so it started very quickly from 15:30, as a series of traffic jam reports threatened to put a spanner in the works.

But luck was on our side, because despite all fears and despite numerous construction sites and traffic jam warnings, we quickly arrived at our destination, the Hotel Seewirt Karner & Attila.

After the check-in there was some time to arrive and breathe deeply. While some retreated for a little nap, others toasted with a cold beer at the hotel bar.


Shortly before 7 p.m., the whole team gathered at  the same hotel bar to walk together to the  excursion ship, where a gourmet trip awaited us.

On the way to the ship we were brimming with the  emerging hunger and the strong wind.    Just as  the ship's engine was already slowly starting up  and we were about to take off, our colleague

Michaela noticed that someone was still  missing... 

... while slight panic spread on board, the missing  colleague Gottfried walked along the jetty in a  good mood and unsuspecting. 

The captain was quickly informed, but since ships are known not to have reverse gear, he had to make a big loop before the team could complete itself again to loud cheers!

And so the gourmet journey could begin! 😊

After a delicious meal, we let the day end completely relaxed with nice conversations and one or the other glass of wine. 


The next morning, the sports program was on the agenda and that was it all!

Our management had saved a special highlight at the end and so we drove to Parndorf to the Lasermaxx. 🤖 

A hall darkened over 700 square meters with cool laser effects, old car tires, rusted steel barrels and black wooden bars that served as a hiding place and cover.

We formed two groups, each playing for 15 minutes alternately. 

In the hall, everyone ran back and forth like wild and tried to collect points by targetedly hitting the protective vest with their laser.  

The best tactics were our colleague Naida, who placed herself well camouflaged in a dark corner and caught everyone who walked by with her laser.

After two hours of full physical effort and sweaty T-shirts, we were all exhausted and exhausted. So we decided to skip lunch and make our way home.  

It was two unforgettable days full of fun, interesting conversations and great location - all the more we are all looking forward to the next meeting at our Infinica Day on 06.09.2022! 😃