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The Project

In almost 90 years, Internorm has developed from a one-man locksmith's shop to the largest internationally active window brand in Europe. The Austrian family-owned company produces around 850,000 units per year at its sites in Traun, Sarleinsbach and Lannach. The continuous technical development of the products not only makes the company a pioneer in the industry, the innovations must also be formulated accordingly for the 1,300 selected sales partners in 21 countries in orderable products. To supplement the main ordering process using a product configurator, Internorm uses two tools that have been implemented on the basis of the INFINICA platform. 

This involves the creation of the extensive service parts catalog based on intelligent INFINICA templates, as well as the processing of dealer inquiries via document workflows in the INFINICA Workplace.  

These implemented solutions show the diverse range of applications of the INFINICA platform even outside the classic customer communication management solutions that INFINICA implements for service companies (banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, etc.). 

The main objective of the service parts catalogue is to maintain the thirty-year functional reliability guarantee that the company promises on each of its products. "This requires a huge parts history," says Jürgen Buchinger, who implemented the corresponding solution at Internorm together with INFINICA, describing the enormous requirements for the PDF-based catalog. "It contains a structured list of a total of 3,700 individual parts with around 2,200 part illustrations and a total of up to 15,000 system references per material group per individual part (plastic windows, wood/aluminium windows, aluminium entrance doors, sun and insect protection)." 

This makes it possible for the users of the catalogue – the dealers and service technicians – at any time to determine which part was used in which product system, in which version, in which period. If the desired part is no longer manufactured, information on alternative processes for repairing the product in question is obtained.  

The catalogue is published in nine versions with up to 1,100 pages in four languages each. Thanks to INFINICA's structured, integrative system, catalogue creation is now completed in five days, previously this process took three to four weeks. 

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99 percent of the product orders from Internorm are placed via a configurator that can map around 2 million product variants – without taking into account the factors of size and color. The workflow for the approximately 10,000 additional special requests per year has so far been based on Excel/e-mail, handled by around 50 employees. About 3,000 of these requests actually become orders.  

Together with INFINCA, a document-driven interactive workflow was implemented after what Jürgen Buchinger put it in a nutshell, a very challenging development and implementation phase was implemented, which alternately enables several central and decentralized instances with different authorizations to process. The process data of the current inquiries, which accrue as a "waste product", can now be clustered according to product systems, evaluated and checked for their standardizability. 

In the future, 5 to 8 percent of the recurring inquiry topics will be standardized annually and transferred to the configurator. The analysis of the data also promises to significantly increase the part of the inquiries that lead to orders and at the same time to continuously reduce that part of the obviously nonsensical requests.  

With the INFINICA tools, processes could be optimized on the one hand and customer satisfaction increased on the other, Jürgen Buchinger sums up: "Nowadays you can hardly differ from the competition in terms of products. Perfect design and functionally reliable technology are no longer sufficient for today's customers. The overall package from the first customer interest to the entire service life must be right. You have to inspire all customers and especially those for whom design and technology are virtually a matter of course with perfect handling logistics." 


"With the help of INFINCA's structured, integrative system, catalog creation is now completed in a few days, previously this process took three to four weeks." 
Jürgen Buchinger
Business Analyst & Process Engineer
UTAH Informationsservice GmbH (ein Unternehmen der Internorm Gruppe)


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Advantages of INFINICA solutions for Internorm: 

  • Optimization, streamlining, centralization and cleansing of processes  
  • Evaluability of process data  
  • High increase in efficiency (reduction of effort = costs, increase of benefits, etc.)  
  • Increase customer satisfaction 

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