On 22 April 2023, it's that time again: Earth Day is coming up. This worldwide day is intended to raise awareness for environmental protection and sustainability. What is the best way to protect the environment? With concrete measures. Doxee and Infinica are concerned with the question: What can tech companies do to sustainably reduce the burden on the environment? This blogpost shows you how sustainability can be lived in IT companies.


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Earth-Day shortly explained


Earth Day is a day that is celebrated globally on 22 April. It was first proclaimed in 1970 and has been celebrated in many countries ever since. The aim is to raise awareness for environmental protection and sustainability. On this day, various actions take place to draw attention to the importance of environmental protection. In short, Earth Day is meant to encourage people to take responsibility for their own ecological footprint.


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Why Earth-Day is important

Only with a healthy environment can we develop as a society. Earth Day offers us an opportunity to develop solutions together. To ensure that "sustainability" does not degenerate into a cliché, it is important to implement concrete measures. Many people think of large manufacturing companies that pollute the environment - the textile industry, for example. But tech companies also have a responsibility. We at Doxee and Infinica also take responsibility. To honour Earth Day, we now present four ways for IT and software companies to act more sustainably.


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4 Measures in IT-and Software companies for more sustainability

Most technology companies are not huge organisations with international influence and thousands of employees. So what can smaller companies do to improve their environmental responsibility?

Reuse or donate old equipment

Some businesses regularly dispose of working electronics. Help reduce the number by donating these devices to charitable organisations or by refurbishing and reusing them.

Promote home office

After the pandemic, many were happy to return to the office routine. But some prefer to work in their own homes. Offer your employees this option. This reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions. You will also save costs on larger office building space and offer employees a better work-life balance.

Improve energy efficiency

Old hardware consumes more power and slows down your processes. Improve your energy efficiency by using efficient hardware and introducing energy-efficient processes. This will reduce energy consumption and lower your CO2 emissions.

Sustainable product development

Introduce sustainable product development processes. Promote durable, repairable and recyclable product designs. Design your products so that they can be operated using little energy and resources. This reduces the environmental footprint of all your customers.


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Sustainability at Doxee

Doxee's comprehensive sustainability strategy is constantly being adapted. This way it remains efficient and grows with current challenges. We at Infinica are now also part of this strategy. As a software company that digitises customer communication, the CO2 reduction is actually obvious. Because digital communication reduces paper. This in turn reduces the demand for deforestation and thus minimises the ecological footprint.

But: the electricity for digital tools also consumes resources. So we cannot simply dismiss our responsibility for the environment with the buzzword "digitalisation". That is why we rely on these concrete measures:

Room design

This aspect is underestimated by many: an optimised room design. Our offices are designed in such a way that they can be used as efficiently and energy-savingly as possible. Sustainable design relies on environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting. Green design principles can already be implemented with small measures. For example, with motion sensors in lighting. No light bulb should light up unnecessarily.

Hybrid mobility

Internal combustion engines are often described as an environmental sin. But there are green alternatives that work well, especially in everyday business. Doxee is therefore gradually converting its own fleet to hybrid vehicles. With its own charging stations, this conversion is even easier.  

Green suppliers

When it comes to environmental protection, it is best to pull together. That's why Doxee prefers to work with environmentally friendly and sustainable companies and communicates this transparently.


These are just three of the measures Doxee takes. Would you like to learn more about Doxee's high environmental standards?

Then read on on this page.


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Sustainability and environmental protection must not be empty slogans. The annual Earth Day reminds us of this. This blog post is intended to raise awareness of the problems and also to encourage our readers to take stock of the situation in their own companies. Are there any measures that you could implement in your own company? We at Doxee and Infinica are also working on sustainable practices outside of Earth Day and are happy to share our findings with others.