On September 20, 2022, the time has come: Infinica is part of the overwhelming Dreamforce event in San Francisco.messestand mit Team-1

With our unique booth in representative Austrian design, we not only bring our document creation technology to Silicon Valley. We show that Austrian tech companies are among the global players and are at the forefront.

But why is the Dreamforce so exciting?



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Expertise, industry giants and stars  

Dreamforce is a superlative event in Silicon Valley and is organized by Salesforce. Not only thought leaders, visionaries and top representatives of global players will be there, but also numerous guests from the show industry, such as Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Hudson. Top athletes such as Olympic sprinters Allyson Felix and Dina Asher-Smith as well as musicians such as Bono and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will also be there this year. This creates a unique atmosphere that does not exist a second time.

Dreamforce writes itself on the flags: „There’s a whole lot of learning going on!” and that's exactly how it is.

Because the focus is on an intensive exchange of the tech industry. This is supplemented by numerous other "learnings". It's about how hurdles can be overcome, how to push companies to the top and stay motivated. Industry giants and stars from sports and music share their experiences and encourage them not to be satisfied with successes, but to always focus on the further development of their own technologies and teams. The three-day event is therefore much more than a trade fair for networking and further education. 

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Infinica on site

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For the first time this year, Infinica will have the honor of participating in this superlative event. Our trade fair team is particularly competently positioned on site with Managing Director Herbert Liebl, Product Manager Naida Comaga and Head of Sales Ferhat Boyacioglu. Our colleague Ferhat Boyacioglu comes from Salesforce himself and is now joining our team

In the upcoming post Welcome to the Team, you'll learn more about Ferhat's professional experience and how he brings it to Infinica. 


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Tech of the future

The slogan of the Dreamforce is: "Come see how the future works". This slogan is not an empty phrase, because it is implemented with four concrete points:  

  • Learn
    In around 1,000 sessions and workshops, cutting-edge industry knowledge is imparted. This benefits not only the Infinica team, but all our customers. Because we implement the knowledge gained in project work and in internal processes
  • Connect
    With over 170,000 participants, the event is one of the best-attended trade fairs ever. Networking is a big part of the experience and is not neglected at an event of this size. Our new contacts help to establish and deepen cooperations. This also benefits our customers, because they can access a wide network of experts. 
  • Have Fun
    The fun should not be neglected. That's why parties, concerts and surprises are part of the Dreamforce experience. A real highlight is the "Dream-Event" – the biggest party during the three-day fair. We are already looking forward to the photos that our colleagues will take on site! 
  • Give Back
    Sustainability is a central point of Dreamforce. How this is finding its way even more into the tech companies of this world will be conveyed in workshops and lectures. We want to take this knowledge back to Vienna and implement it. 


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Come and visit us!DF-Bubble-2

Are you also on site? Then pay a visit to our Infinica team! You can recognize our booth by the unique Austrian branding. We look forward to interesting discussions. However, you don't need to travel to San Francisco to learn more about our document creation products and services.

We are happy to advise you on site...


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