This year we are going on a journey - literally and figuratively. Not only are there numerous trade fairs on the schedule, but: Infinica becomes Doxee. This is a special journey in the history of our company.


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Investments in the future

Doxee is a hi-tech company that develops cloud technologies. Thanks to them, companies worldwide offer outstanding digital customer experiences. Doxee is a market leader in the field of customer communication management. This is achieved, among other things, through a high investment rate in research and development. Around 13% of sales are invested in perfecting technologies. This now also benefits all Infinica customers.
So far, the cooperation between Infinica and Doxee has been very satisfactory. Please have a look at our LinkedIn profile to get some impressions of our cooperation. For example, when products were matched or our first joint Christmas party.


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Innovation Products for our CustomerIF-&-DX-team

The merger has increased our range of products and services. But bigger does not always mean better. That is why we pay attention to excellent quality.

Our new products are also tailored to the German-speaking market. All customers from the DACH region will still receive German-language support. Thanks to more manpower, we have the possibility to serve customers even more closely. Our service and support have increased significantly and we are now available 24/7.

Our new joint products include personalised videos. This makes us one of the pioneers on the German-speaking market. Because this product is in tune with the times when it comes to customer communication. As a new trend, personalised videos established themselves particularly quickly this year.


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Underway with a new name and proven qualityquality

Customers from the DACH region appreciate us as a reliable partner when it comes to customer communication. The new name does not change anything. Because the team and product quality remain the same. But with the new name, we are strengthening our innovative content and our international presence. As Doxee Company, we enjoy more manpower. This allows for a strong presence at numerous trade fairs.

In this way, we not only expand our valuable network, but are also closer to our customers. After all, we don't design unique and innovative solutions silently at our desks, but in exchange with partners and customers.

You are welcome to get to know our sales managers and learn more during a non-binding conversation or on site at one of the upcoming trade fairs.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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